QuantWare launches Crescendo for state-of-the-art qubit readout
QuantWare launches Crescendo for state-of-the-art qubit readout
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25-Qubit QPU


Catch up with the state of the art in 30 days: Contralto offers 25 qubits, making it the world's largest commercially available superconducting QPU.

Fully customizable
Whether it's an application-specific layout for NISQ algorithms, a 2D lattice for error correction schemes or a hexagonal connectivity: Contralto gives you the power to perform you experiments at scale!


Customizable topology and Hamiltonian parameters

Customizable features include: Purcell filters, AirBridges and QuantWare's proporietary TSV configration

Fully controllable qubits with dedicated flux bias and drive lines

10 - 60 μs T1 (subject to stack quality)

99.9% single-qubit gate fidelities

Delivered as die or fully packaged

Magnetic shielding available as option

30 day lead time

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