We’re looking for a highly-motivated Quantum Design Engineer. He or she will design and develop the layouts and designs for our QPUs. These designs are a core technology of our company. Our proprietary technology allows us to scale to large QPUs in the short term, and as such his or her designs will be the basis for market-leading quantum computing power. Responsibilities include developing proprietary software to generate layouts and contributing to the open-source development of Qiskit Metal. Because of this, we’re looking for people with a knack for programming. The job will involve finite-element 3D simulations of the circuits using HFSS. The work will involve close collaboration with our fabrication engineers, customers and development partners; using creativity and measurement analyses to continuously improve our QPU designs.

• Continuously improve quantum processor layouts
• Develop, improve and test layout generating scripts and accompanying documentation
• Liaise with our fabrication team
• Collaborate with customers and partners in design and measurement iterations
• Propose, investigate and evaluate potential design change opportunities
• Gain fundamental understanding of the quantum and classical physics governing our QPU
• Show leadership in technology development
• Show flexibility in working hours and workload
• Growing the technical, professional and soft-skills of themselves and the team

• MSc, PhD or post-doc in Physics (PhD or higher will be considered a senior hire)
• Background in cQED
• Software development experience, including solid understanding of best practices and software engineering methods
• Python experience is a plus, otherwise ability to learn in a very short timespan
• Excellent written and communication skills
• Well organised with meticulous attention to detail
• Exceptionally motivated to make an impact on quantum computing

Female candidates are encouraged to apply for this position.

Interview dates: May 2022

Starting date: October 2022

About us
QuantWare is a startup that makes superconducting quantum hardware. Our mission is to Accelerate the advent of the quantum computer. We design, develop and fabricate state-of-the-art Quantum Processor Units. QuantWare offers a super fast-moving environment, the chance to learn from world-leading experts and develop yourself in this fast growing field, unlimited growth opportunities for employees and a competitive salary with equity compensation. We are extremely motivated to solve a very hard problem and make useful quantum computation a reality. We are committed to diversity and work to build an inclusive environment in which all people, regardless of gender, race, religion, or background, can come to do their best work.

Email us at to apply.

QuantWare is an equal opportunity employer.

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