QuantWare was founded in 2020 with the singular ambition to accelerate the usefulness of the quantum computer, while democratizing hardware and expanding the field.

QuantWare works on the quickest path to useful quantum computation, based on a foundation of world-class expertise in scaling up superconducting QPUs.

Achieving useful quantum computation is a huge challenge, and one we cannot do alone. We are a collaborative company working with the best-in-class companies and experts on complementary solutions. We are always on the lookout for new partnerships.

meet our team

Our mission is to accelerate the advent of the quantum computer. We are extremely motivated to solve a very hard problem and make useful quantum computation a reality.

Alessandro Bruno

Co-Founder, Director of Engineering

Alessandro has a PhD in Quantum Physics and has worked on multiple breakthrough advances during his 10+ years in the field, including at the DICarlo Group at QuTech. When he is not being the technical brain behind QuantWare, he spends his time studying cosmology and repairing scientific hardware.

Matthijs Rijlaarsdam

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Matthijs has a background in Quantum Information and did his thesis on the simulation of quantum computers in the Elkouss group of QuTech. He also worked at a non-profit strategy consulting firm. When he is not working on QuantWare's five-year plan, he likes to go hiking in mountains.

Marten Arthers

Quantum Design Engineer

Marten has a MSc in Physics and did his thesis research on topological qubits at QuTech. When he is not designing the next generation of QPUs, he goes cycling across the country or for drinks at a Belgian Beer cafe.

Stefanos Basili

Quantum Engineer

Stefanos has a MSc in Physics and did his thesis on Travelling Wave Parametric Amplifiers at TNO and the Steelelab in Delft. After spending a day in the cleanroom, he enjoys hanging out with his friends in a Lounge.

Sophie Vlaar

Business Development (Intern)

Daan Waardenburg

Quantum Design Engineer

Sergiy Dobrovolskiy

Senior Fabrication Engineer

Petro Sonin

Senior Assembly Engineer

Habib Khalid

Assembly Engineer (Intern)

Carel Heerkens

Senior Assembly Engineer (part-time)

we're hiring

QuantWare offers a super fast-moving environment and unlimited growth opportunities, and a competitive salary with equity compensation.